Routes in Almeria

Almeria has traces of several interwoven cultures. Therefore, we recommend three routes that will allow us to discover the different faces of this city, which is the capital of the province of Almeria: the Muslim route, the Christian route and the Squares of Almeria route.
The Muslim Route takes us through the Alcazaba, which is, after the Alhambra of Granada, the largest Muslim construction in Spain. We will also pass through the Purchena Gate, which long ago was the gateway to the city but which became a square when the wall was demolished in 1855. You can continue along the Wall of Jayran and Saint Cristobal Hill, a great wall that reaches the hill and that was built in the 11th century. From there, you can take in spectacular views of the city. You can also pass through eight towers to find an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In addition, you will find the Arabic Wells, which were built before 1020, and Saint John Church, whose first construction, like the Old Main Mosque of Almeria, dates from 965.
The Christian Route takes us through several churches of different eras and styles. We can admire the history and architecture of the Church of Saint Sebastian (11th century), the Church of Saint Peter and the Cathedral of Almeria, both of which were damaged during an earthquake but were subsequently rebuilt. We will also see the Church of the Virgin of the Sea, who is the patroness saint of Almeria, and some convents.

Muslim Almeria


Christian Almeria


Finally is the Route of the Squares of Almeria, where we visit the green lungs of this illuminated city. The squares of Almeria are very picturesque and photogenic. They include Cathedral Square, where the traditional and modern contrast and which attracts attention for its architecture. Although it’s a little more modest, we cannot miss Flowers Square, where a statue of John Lennon recalls his passage through the city and invites us to take a photograph with him. There are a total of eight places to visit along this route of meeting points in Almeria.

Squares in Almeria