Wall of Jayran (Almeria)

Wall of Jayran (Almeria)

From the Alcazaba, descending towards the north through the La Hoya ravine, there is a line of wall that reaches the Saint Cristobal Hill.

It was built in the time of King Jayran (1012-1028) during the 11th century. On this hill, known in Muslim times as “Mount Laham”, there are seven towers. Three are of Muslim square design and four are Christian semicircular design, which were built by the templars of Alfonso VII.
Also on the hill, which has stunning views of the city, is the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, made from Macael marble in 1930. This image was made in the 20th century and blesses the entire city. In 1931, the entire complex was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument and, later, a Site of Cultural Interest (BIC).

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