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Almanzora Valley

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If you dream of spending time in a cool and pleasant environment with beautiful landscapes, incredible foods to sample and a balance between the natural and industrial, then Almanzora Valley is your ideal place. With beautiful contrasts and an abundant culture you will discover this beautiful Valley of Almeria, where you can enjoy incredible and entertaining tourist spots, so cheer up and pack your bags right now.

The picturesque region of the Almanzora Valley is located in the inland area of Almeria. It is integrated with several municipalities located on both sides of the Almanzora River, which comprises the backbone of the whole territory.

Comarca del Valle del Almanzora
In their desserts they specialise in sweets like Easter “roscos”, “soplillos”, honey “mantecados”, almond cake, fried milk and fig bread; all so delicious that you can't resist trying them.

Traditional Crafts

The craftsmanship of the Almanzora Valley has been written in marble letters for centuries. Throughout its history, the region has been home to various civilisations that filled the Mediterranean coast with their indelible footprints.
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Wood is another element that has great value in the region, and as a example, the sculptor Pedro Gilabert has imbued many dormant logs with life, which has made him a national celebrity, because his own style has left a mark on many artists. In fact, there is a museum in Arboleas that features many of his works.
Working esparto
There are many places that are part of the history of Spain, and their traditions have been forged in utilising their natural resources without abusing them. The Almanzora Valley is undoubtedly one of those places, so you should not miss visiting it and enjoying its charm.

Do not forget your camera!

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