Almanzora River (Almeria)

The Almanzora river

Almeria has managed to position itself as a tourist reference in Spain and the rest of Europe, all thanks to several factors that have earned it such a position.

One of those factors is its fantastic weather, with its large number of sunny days that makes it seem like an eternal summer – not to mention the beauty of its landscapes. In this last section, the Almanzora river is a special place, which extends for more than 90 kilometers and has laid the foundations, not only for a fruitful and beautiful terrain, but for the practice of activities that have given a positive boost to tourism in the zone.

With its 90 kilometers in length that are born at more than 1,900 meters of altitude, the Almanzora river has been the foundation of many civilizations that were founded around it. It has also been used since ancient times as a means of transport and passage between different areas of the province.
Its continuous influx of water has turned the entire surrounding valley into an area where agriculture has flourished, which was used as a method for survival. Large wooded areas that run through the valley and mountains undoubtedly benefit from the tributary of water, which provides greenery to plants and trees.

That is why the Almanzora Valley has become one of the most popular places in the province for the practice of natural tourism, promoting disciplines such as hiking, canyoning and trekking among others.
Almanzora river (Almeria)

The fantastic landscapes offered by the Almanzora river and its surroundings, the mild climate, sunlight, and the greenery of the mountains, make the Almanzora river the perfect source to feed a splendid nature that extends far and wide. There are currently many activities carried out there, which bring life and color to tourism in Almeria.

Given the length of the Almanzora river, more than 20 villages are located around its valley, which have gained great tourist popularity for different reasons: from agricultural production and gastronomy to producing the best marble in Spain.

The Almanzora river is one of the best places for high-performance sports activities, as well as for family activities. Many tour operators offer packages dedicated to teaching visitors first hand the benefits of the Almanzora river.

One of the favorites is the kayak routes, although canoeing, rowing, adapted canoeing, and even sport fishing championships are also practiced in this river. The summer climate makes the Almanzora river an especially viable option, so during this season the tourist activities around the river are doubled and the offers are increased.
Almanzora river (Almeria)

The extensive Almanzora river basin, in addition to serving as “food” for an area with rich lands that are ready for agriculture, is the perfect setting for the practice of activities linked to natural or ecological tourism.

In this sense, one could say that hiking is one of the most popular activities to practice around the Almanzora river, and there is a wide variety of routes that will depend on the degree of intensity you want.

The river basin offers very simple routes, which can be completed as a family, as well as routes of great difficulty, which can even be combined with canyoning or abseiling.

These same routes offer the possibility of mountain biking or just an informal bike ride. Another tourist offer that is usually of great interest for adventure lovers are the routes to travel on with a car, especially 4x4 routes.

For the practice of hiking and cycling, the routes that have become great favorites are those known as greenways, among which those are the Fines, the iron and the Olula del Rio routes, which are among the 30 wonders of the Almanzora Valley. Other routes are also offered which allow you to enjoy attractions, such as the mining route, the marble route or the Moorish route.

For those who wish to enjoy an enriching experience, the Almanzora Valley and all the towns around the basin of this important river have many options: castles, fortresses, churches, hermitages, towers and monuments. They attract hundreds of tourists every year , as well as the famous cultural sites, among which there at least 4 museums that stand out. You can find paintings, sculptures and artifacts of great historical value.

Without a doubt, the Almanzora river has laid the foundations for not only the settlement of towns since ancient times, but to boost tourism in the province of Almeria, from where a great effort is made to protect this important Almeria´s river.