Dalías - What to do

What to do

Without straying too far from the sea, Dalias is a town of mountains. The fertile valley where Dalias sits is a land of exquisite wines and gastronomy that will make you want to visit it again and again.

The exuberant nature of Dalias hides multiple landscapes that amaze the traveler, such as the Arroyo de Celin, the Fuente de la Mosca, the Old Fountain and the Old Arab Swamp. These corners invite their visitors with their hiking routes, one of the most outstanding activities to practice in the area, which is carried out in places of great beauty. Among the most interesting places to visit are the old Arab mosque known as AI-Hizan, the Queen's Baths and the Arab military sentry boxes.

For devotees, Dalias is popular thanks to the Holy Christ of the Light, who in his festival and pilgrimage in September summons thousands of people from all corners of the province.

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