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Festivals in Dalias


Holy Christ of the Light

This celebration has been declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest since 1997.

The third Sunday of September and the last of the festival, it has been called the Big Day of Dalias, during which the departure of the Christ of the Light from the Church takes place, which he walks in procession, loaded by the inhabitants of Dalias and his visitors.

St. Michael the Archangel


Considered one of the most important festivals in Dalias, the local festival of Celin are usually very crowded.

They are celebrated every year during the last week of September, in the vicinity of September 29, given that on that date the day of Saint Michael the Archangel (patron saint of Celin) is celebrated.

Other festivals

Sanantones. They are celebrated on January 16 and 17 with bonfires.

Carnival. Variable date.

Burial of the “bichica”. With this act the end of the carnival is celebrated in Celin (variable date).

May crosses. They are celebrated the first weekend of May.

Night of San Juan. It is celebrated with bonfires on June 23.

Corpus Christi. It is celebrated during the month of June (variable date).

Folk Festival. It is celebrated the second week of September, prior to the Holy Christ of the Light festivities.