Main Square (Huercal-Overa)

Main Square (Huercal-Overa)

The Main Square, or Constitution Square, is characterized by the many daily visits from locals and tourists looking for a place to relax.

In this square many people attend free concerts, offered regularly by the municipality. Works of theatre, concerts, workshops... any excuse is good if it means the square is always surrounded by people.

The Main Square is located in the heart of Huercal-Overa, which makes it a favourite place for fairs, street markets, and activities typical of the area, which attract many visitors. Another characteristic of the Main Square is that it is known for being a very quiet place, surrounded by bars where it is possible to spend a pleasant time at night. There are also excellent gastronomic options to choose from at lunchtime, ideal for enjoying with the family.

Its modern structure makes it very attractive to the public that passes through the square and a perfect place for entertainment and leisure. It is made up of a large rectangular space closed on three of its four sides, to which is added a corridor that communicates with the street, giving the square a compact appearance. Many people tend to regard it as a breath of fresh air in the city.

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