Fried eggs with chorizo

Gastronomy in the Alpujarra Almeriense

The Alpujarra of Almeria is one of the most outstanding areas in terms of its gastronomy. This small region that is composed of 22 municipalities, is famous for its meats, vegetables, desserts and wines.

After a tour of the restaurants where you can taste the delights they offer, visitors will be delighted to repeat their experiences when they return to this culinary paradise that is the Alpujarra of Almeria.


The Alpujarra of Almeria is a region that endeavours to preserve the essence of its culinary past. The local craftsmen and women continue to produce the old, homemade and traditional recipes that are typical of the area.

One of the most characteristic aspects of its cuisine is the use of locally sourced ingredients. These include potatoes, peppers, and garlic, as well as fresh meat from animals raised in this beautiful corner of Almeria. The “Choto al Ajillo” is one of the dishes most demanded by tourists. This is usually cooked with bay leaves and house wine, that creates a “majao” that will make you want to lick your fingers.

Another food also very much in demand is the “Plato Alpujarreño”. This consists of pork loin accompanied by blood sausage, chorizo, fried eggs and potatoes. It is a delicious delight that surprises everyone.

Another highlight is the “migas” made of wheat flour or semolina, fennel stew and porridge. All these recipes are based on a style of cooking that is still enjoyed by the inhabitants of the Alpujarra of Almeria.


The variety of desserts offered in the Alpujarra of Almeria is wide and delicious. Like all the other typical local dishes, the pastry recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. There are also restaurants that delight customers with their large selections of traditional sweets.
The “soplillos”, for example, are traditional sweets from the area that have Arabic origins and they are made of cinnamon, lemon, egg whites and sugar.

Other varieties of sweet treats that are worth mentioning are: cheesecake with blueberries, calatrava bread and, of course, cottage cheese with honey.

There is also almond nougat, anise “roscos”, “pestiños” and fig bread.

Cheese and wines

The cheeses of the Alpujarra deserve a special mention. The region is famous for making this type of food in the most traditional and ecologically responsible way possible, while giving the cheese an exquisite flavour.

As the region is favourable for livestock farming, the cheese that is obtained from the animals' milk is of a very high quality. The sheep and goat cheeses are of the best quality and in recent years they have gained a great reputation for their taste.
Not only that, but the wines of the region also deserve prizes. In fact, viticulture is one of the activities that are most widely practised and for which this region has become very well known. Tourists can tour the vineyards and visit the wineries, especially those of Laujar de Andarax, where they will find red, rosé and white wines, in both vintage and new selections.