Sierra de las Estancias (Almeria)

Sierra de las Estancias

The Sierra de las Estancias is a mountainous complex formed by different minor mountain ranges. It is characterised by the fact that it is crossed by roads that run through places of great scenic interest.

To the south, the mountain complex shares a border with the Almanzora Valley, while to the north, its hills descend to the Rambla del Chirivel.

Its altitude is around 1,000 - 1,500 meters. Due to its location and the height of its highest peaks, its climate is catalogued as mountain Mediterranean, with dry summers and temperatures that start high in the early hours of the day, then decrease at night. It is also characterised by wet and rainy winters, and gets some snowfall throughout that season.
Sierra de las Estancias (Almeria)
It is noteworthy that until the last century, records detailed the existence of large native, holm oak, and even acral pine forests. However, at present, the vegetation is composed of different reforestation coniferous forests, where you can find the remains of the old pine forests that occupied the mountains at that time.

Small holm oak forests are also evident. Among them, the typical Mediterranean undergrowth is formed, consisting of rock roses, lavenders, kermes oaks, Portuguese oaks, rosemary, and thyme, among others.
Along with these appears a rich flora, presenting several endemisms that it shares with other nearby mountains.

The Sierra de las Estancias is the habitat of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and various invertebrates. Likewise, birds constitute the main settlers of these mountains, both permanently nesting in them and visiting them during their continuous migrations. Among the most outstanding species are foxes, wild boars, snakes, toads, and butterflies, highlighting the presence of the ocellated lizard.

In addition to this diversity of an exotic nature, the mountainous complex shelters a series of villages that, with the Almanzora Valley as a reference, offer tourist attractions through which you can engage in activities such as hiking and mountain biking.