Marble quarry

Valle del Almanzora - What to do

What to do

This Almeria region includes 27 municipalities and has an extensive history and many places of interest to visit and activities to do. If you are a nature lover, you can enjoy the different hiking routes that run through the Sierra de la Estancias, which has a rich Mediterranean flora and fauna.

If there is a product from this region that is recognized throughout Spain, it is marble, especially in the municipality of Macael, the main producer in the country and the second worldwide. The exploitation of the quarries began millennia ago, when the Neolithic inhabitants began to use stones to shape the figures of their idols.

In Macael you can take guided visits to one of these quarries, undoubtedly a unique experience, as well as enjoy an Interpretation Center where you will learn all the secrets of the extraction and manipulation of marble.

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