Nasrid Castle (Seron - Almeria)

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Nasrid Castle

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It is a 13th century defensive castle that served as a refuge during the uprising of the Moorish.

The situation of the castle is majestic. In the upper part there is a small esplanade where a neo-Mudejar style tower was built at the beginning of the 20th century, which houses a clock mechanism.

Of the original fortress there is only one wall and some wall parts scattered throughout the castle.
Recently work has been carried out on restoring the battlements, together with construction of an outdoor scenic space and a viewpoint in the upper part of the castle.

Church of the Annunciation

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This 17th century building was declared a National Historic-Artistic monument in 1983.

Its interior is rectangular, consisting of three areas separated by slender pillars that give the building a noble appearance.

Its covers have the sober classicism design of the first baroque era and they are crowned with the shield of the Portocarrero Bishop.

The Remedies Hermitage

The Remedies Hermitage (Seron - Almeria)
This is a neoclassical construction of the 19th century: rectangular with a single nave, which has a very austere exterior and an interior of great simplicity and beauty.

It is located in the Square that bears his name and in its main chapel is the image of the patroness saint of Seron: the Virgin of the Remedies.

Seron History Center

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The Seron History Center «Juan Torreblanca Martínez» explains the history, culture and traditions of the municipality of Seron through information panels, models and other audiovisual material.

It is a must to know in depth this beautiful municipality of the Almanzora Valley.

Real Street

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Real Street (Seron - Almeria)
Real Street is the main road that surrounds the historic center of Seron, and it is made up of a labyrinth of narrow and intricate streets with fascinating twists and turns.

In this street we can find several stately homes with magnificent facades that were built between the late 19th and early 20th century. These are constructed in styles ranging from neoclassical to the modernist, as well as neocolonialist style.

Iron Greenway

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The Almanzora Greenway, known as Iron Greenway as it passes through Seron, is the old Guadix-Almendricos railway line, nowadays in disuse.

On the Iron Greenway you can enjoy 11.8 kilometers with a minimal slope, which makes it easy for anyone, whatever their level, and makes it an ideal stretch to be done on foot or by bicycle. Along the way we will find three abandoned iron ore loading sites, hence the name of this section of the Almanzora Greenway.

Las Menas mining town

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The ferrous deposits found in this location made it the most important and productive area in the province of Almeria for more than half a century.

It was built progressively, without any defined urban planning, and housed buildings of great architectural quality, among which are the Saint Barbara Hermitage, the hospital, offices, the workers' pavilion, workshops and several managers' and technicians' houses stand out.
After the closure of the mines in 1968 it was completely abandoned. It was then restored in recent years as a tourist center with a visitors center, geominal interpretation center, camping area, an apartment hotel and a forest park with native trees and shrubs. These facilities enable people to discover the mining history of the area and the environmental characteristics of the Sierra de Los Filabres.

Millenary Oak

According to technicians at the Ministry of Environment of the Council of Andalusia, the Millenary Oak is the largest tree in Andalusia and one of the oldest of all cataloged to date.

It is an example of enormous beauty that reaches about 19 meters high. It is located in the Loma Valley, on the northern slope of the Sierra de los Filabres.

Panoramic viewpoint

It is located near the Virgin of the Head Hermitage and is a privileged place to contemplate all the beauty of the Almanzora Valley.

From this viewpoint you can see the Almanzora river, as well as its fertile plain and the large number of crops that grow on it.

The Aljibe


This is a natural spring of warm water located next to the neighborhood of Fuencaliente.

Near the source, in the environment of the Iron Greenway, we find Fuenteperica, a small recreational area with another water resource.

La Jordana picnic area

La Jordana picnic area (Seron - Almeria)
In the municipality of Seron is La Jordana picnic area, located about 5 km away from the city center. It is an environmental facility equipped with a rest area, barbecue facilities, a park, etc.

In the surroundings of the picnic area you can enjoy picturesque landscapes, where you cannot miss the opportunity to walk through the surroundings, or even take a hiking route.

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