Church of Saint Roch (Sufli - Almeria)

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Church of Saint Roch

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Church of Saint Roch (Sufli - Almeria)
It is an ecclesiastical construction of great beauty, dating from the second half of the 16th century. It was built, like many of the clerical structures in which there were once Muslim inhabitants, on the remains of a mosque.

The church has been dedicated to the patron saint of the town, Saint Roch, which is revered by the inhabitants of Sufli, as well as residents of other towns who come to the church to pay homage, especially during the celebration of traditional festivities that the people carries out in his honor.
It is a rectangular building, with a single nave, an altar and a choir at its feet. The ship, although of simple characteristics, counts on walls of high altitude that is divided thanks to the use of columns that form a corridor that is the one that delimits the church of the vestry.

Sufli Viewpoint

Like other viewpoints that are found in the different towns of the province of Almeria, the Sufli Viewpoint was built to promote tourism.

The view offered by this viewpoint is unparalleled and beautiful, which has made it an obligatory stop for those who come to know the town. The construction that has been done around the viewpoint is particularly beautiful and well maintained, where attention was paid to every detail, to offer facilities that invite you to spend.
You can also find places to sit and enjoy without haste of sight, cobblestone roads, wooden benches, and railings.

Fountain of Sufli

Fountain of Sufli (Sufli - Almeria)
The Fountain of Sufli is not just another source of the town, but a whole series of recreational and social activities revolve around it, which has made it a place of great tourist interest for locals and visitors.

This is the "Paraje de la Fuente", which is located on the outskirts of the town, in an area that has been specially enabled for excursions, free meals and recreational, sports and social activities.
It was the public fountain attended by the inhabitants of Sufli to supply water for consumption, washing, and irrigation of crops and water intake of livestock.

It has Masonic inscriptions and was rebuilt in 1882 on the original pipes, which were in the area, installed by the Muslims when they occupied the territory.

Saint Roch Hermitage

Saint Roch Hermitage (Sufli - Almeria)
The Saint Roch Hermitage is another existing construction in Sufli in which the patron saint, Saint Roch, is venerated. This hermitage is a structure of small dimensions and rectangular plan, which was built in 1753 and which is also an important part of the festivities around the town's patron saint.

Inside the small central nave of the chapel, there is an image of Saint Roch, which is carried in procession to the church and then returned, during the celebrations in his honor.
It is a small building with a simple front facade, which is accompanied by a small bell and classical picturesque.

The Cross Hermitage

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The Cross Hermitage (Sufli - Almeria)
It is a small but striking building, dating from 1753, with a square and covered in the shape of a pyramid, decorated with tiles.

The door is quite peculiar, with an arch in the entrance that borders the door and that gives it an undeniable ecclesiastical air, because there was some doubt about it.

It is one of the most important sites in the town, being visited both by locals and tourists, especially by the Blessed of the Holy Cross.

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