Church of Saint Mary (Urracal - Almeria)

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Church of Saint Mary

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Church of Saint Mary (Urracal - Almeria)
The Parish Church of Saint Mary dates back to the 16th century.

In its façade we appreciate a single bell tower and the base of another, with the idea of being able to continue bulding it in the future. Majestic, stately and solemn, the Church of Saint Mary is known throughout the Almanzora Valley for being a place of worship to Saint Blaise, which celebrates his onomastics every February 3rd and where his relic resides.

La Cerrá Viewpoint

From this point you can see almost all the towns belonging to the Almanzora Valley, as well as enjoy the winding of the Almanzora river.

This viewpoint has been carefully constructed to offer visitors a pleasant experience and the greatest enjoyment, although it can affect the most susceptible to heights, as it can cause vertigo.

Cross of Talavera


At the highest point of the town of Urracal is the Cross of Talavera.

It is a traditional symbol of the faith of the inhabitants of this municipality, who entrust to the cross their good luck in everything they undertake.

The Cross of Talavera, which was previously made of wood, was replaced by a wrought iron one to avoid its continuous deterioration.
One of the curious facts is that the inhabitants of Urracal never allowed the deterioration of the cross, even when it was made of wood, and they changed it before it showed signs of damage, to predict a good harvest in the year.

At the point where the cross is located you get a wonderful view of the mountains and the valley, being able to appreciate the most important peaks and many of the most emblematic towns of the Almanzora Valley.

Public laundry

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Public laundry (Urracal - Almeria)
It is located almost at the entrance of the town, near the main street of the same, and to this day is still part of the infrastructure used to achieve the use of water, especially for irrigating the gardens of the area.

Created in 1947, it is a fairly well-kept and up-to-date space, which was built before there was a water distribution and sanitation network, to ensure that the inhabitants had easy access to water.

Strait of Urracal

It is so named this because it is a kind of passage. It is very narrow and found between the rock formations and offers an impressive view. Very high stone walls on both sides, and a very small space to pass, make this point a place of great interest - especially for lovers of natural tourism.

For many years, passage through the strait was almost impossible due to the rises of the river and its channel, which kept the area sufficiently humid for the growth of large trees and brush to proliferate.
However, because the river has been contained to prevent flooding of nearby towns, the Strait has been cleared and you can still enjoy the view and the walk.

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