The Andarax river (Almeria - Spain)

The Andarax river

The Andarax river is the central river of the province of Almeria, around which the Andarax Valley was formed. This river has given life to villages that stretch throughout the Andarax basin and that have been settling in hamlets around the river for hundreds of years. Due to its ever-increasing benefits, the Andarax river has given rise to fruitful lands, important towns, and a boost in tourism.
Eiffel Bridge (Santa Fe de Mondujar - Almeria)
Rivers have always been sources of life, and the Andarax river is no exception. It is no coincidence that the oldest civilizations settled there since time immemorial. The Andarax river has built, with its flow, a dynamic that brings life and explains the complex relationship between the culture, characteristics, and tourism of the villages around it.

The Andarax river tells, by itself, the history of the prolific land of Almeria, with impressive landscapes that have positioned this province as one of the favourites of Spain and Europe for the exercise of natural or ecological tourism.
The landscapes that have emerged, thanks to the river’s tributary, have become unbeatable locations for the exercise of sports linked to nature, such as hiking, climbing, or cycling, among many others.

The Andarax river allows for the proliferation of landscapes with lots of vegetation. The river’s valley and plains create jumps and depressions that are very attractive to those who visit it. In addition, the Andarax river is a source of life that has blessed the land of Almeria, resulting in prolific plantings where grapes, olives, and almonds are grown. The best organic olive oil in the world is produced in Almeria, which attracts hundreds of people from all over the world. It is also known for its exquisite tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, which are highly valued by locals and visitors.

The Andarax river has an ancestral history, around which populations have settled. It has since been transformed into a series of towns with great cultural, gastronomic, historical, religious, and tourist wealth. Visiting these places, all blessed by the riverbed, is a must for those who go to Almeria.